The transparency act

Report on due diligence assessments pursuant to the Transparency Act

The purpose of the Act is to promote enterprises' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and services, and to ensure public access to information on how enterprises deal with adverse effects on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

The law imposes a duty of disclosure and a duty on businesses such as ELIQUO to conduct due diligence assessments that must be accounted for in a report that must be published at least once a year. The annual accounts of ELIQUO's due diligence will be published on this page. Here you can read our latest due diligence assessment:

ELIQUO has broad involvement as a contractor in the water industry and supplies, among other things, water treatment plants, treatment plants and district heating plants. ELIQUO PMI AS operates within the scope of the Transparency Act and conducts its own due diligence assessments adapted to its business.

Our values and our ethical guidelines are our foundation in our work to safeguard human rights and promote good working conditions at our suppliers and business partners, and further along in our supply chain.

We expect our suppliers to maintain high ethical standards, and we do not tolerate any form of corruption, bribery, embezzlement, competitive cooperation, discrimination or harassment. We expect our suppliers to respect human rights in ways similar to ELIQUO's, throughout their value chain when they perform work for us. This is stipulated, among other things, in our ethical guidelines for suppliers, as well as our requirements for seriousness.

ELIQUO works to map our supply and value chain, and we conduct assessments of human rights and decent working conditions in accordance with OECD principles. Due diligence is an ongoing process.

The Transparency Act gives everyone the right to ask businesses for information on how they deal with negative impacts on fundamental human rights and decent working conditions.

Here you can read how ELIQUO relates to, and works with, compliance with the Transparency Act.

2023 Enwa Group

2023 Enwa PMI

Environmental sustainability

ELIQUO's core business is to deliver environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. We help our customers achieve their sustainability goals.

The carbon footprint from our own operations is moderate, and our most important contribution to reducing greenhouse gases takes place through low energy consumption: water treatment plants, district heating plants and wastewater treatment plants.

Our efficient treatment plants make important contributions to biodiversity and healthy conditions in the ocean and in freshwater recipients.

Through our environmental policy and strategic choices, we commit ourselves to contributing to sustainable social development and reducing the environmental impact associated with our production. We have a special focus on transport and waste management, reuse and recycling.

Social sustainability

ELIQUO strives to be a good and stimulating workplace, with a working environment that everyone who wants to contribute can feel at home in. All ELIQUO employees must show respect for colleagues and others who meet in connection with their employment. ELIQUO aims to provide all employees with the opportunity to use their skills and abilities to contribute to ELIQUO’s progress as well as their own.

The safety of our employees is of the utmost importance to ELIQUO. ELIQUO will therefore strive to provide a safe and productive working environment for all employees. All employees are required to follow the relevant instructions.

In order to develop the competence of the individual employee and the company, our skilled engineers and craftsmen are encouraged to take on new tasks in the company and to take relevant education.

Discrimination and harassment

No discrimination by ELIQUO employees against other ELIQUO employees or collaborators will be tolerated, whether the discrimination is based on nationality, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, illness, politics, ability to work or otherwise. However, unequal pay for different achievements and merit-based promotion do not in any way constitute discrimination. Harassment involving verbal or physical humiliation or the generation of an unfriendly work environment is also not acceptable.

ELIQUO will continue our efforts to prevent human rights violations and indecent working conditions in business relationships and in our supply chain.

Economic sustainability

At ELIQUO, we consider ethics an integral part of our business operations, and we expect all our employees and business partners to not only act in accordance with the laws under which ELIQUO is governed, but also act according to the principles of the ELIQUO Code of Conduct to prevent situations that are likely to lead to – even apparently – inappropriate behavior.



All ELIQUO employees shall perform their duties in such a way as to contribute to enhancing ELIQUO's reputation as a technically skilled, reliable and fair business partner and an attractive employer.


Everyone has a shared responsibility to create a good working environment and develop a culture of openness and integrity. A working environment characterised by openness is an important prerequisite for good ethical behaviour.

Freedom of speech

All employees have the right to participate in the public debate, regardless of what they may think. However, they are responsible for ensuring that their statements do not conflict with the loyalty of the Company or in breach of the duty of confidentiality towards the Company or its customers or suppliers. The duty of confidentiality also applies after the termination of the employment relationship.


In carrying out their duties, employees shall act in the best interests of the company to the best of their ability, but always carefully ensure that all stakeholders are treated fairly. They have the right to draw attention to censurable conditions without having to fear negative consequences. The obligation to comply with orders and instructions does not entail any obligation to do anything illegal or unethical.

Corruption, bribery and "lubrication"

ELIQUO shall conduct its business in a fair manner and in no way attempt to influence potential customers in illegal ways. Likewise, no ELIQUO employee shall accept gifts or other benefits that could be construed as an attempt to influence him or her.