Enwa PMI AS changes its name to ELIQUO PMI AS

In 2023, the company gained new owners and is now part of a group consisting of leading European contractors specializing in the design, engineering, and construction of technical water and sewage installations.

Record-High Order Backlog

The Norwegian water market is facing a colossal task of upgrading both water and sewage treatment plants and, notably, rescuing a deteriorating Oslo Fjord. "Last year, ELIQUO PMI's order backlog surpassed 1.3 billion, concurrently achieving a record-high turnover of approximately 350 million NOK with an operating profit of around 16 million NOK. Naturally, I am very pleased with that," says Jørgen Arnesen, Managing Director of ELIQUO PMI.

"We have many exciting projects currently underway. Nitrogen removal from sewage is one of the crucial measures needed to save the Oslo Fjord, and ELIQUO PMI has leading expertise in this field. Over the year, we will complete a large nitrogen removal plant at Gardermoen, while also commencing the construction of a new nitrogen removal facility in Fredrikstad. The market for drinking water treatment is also undergoing rapid development, and with our in-house production in Sandefjord, we are the largest technical contractor in Norway within this field. We are currently constructing the Kattås water treatment plant, the new water treatment facility in Asker municipality, and simultaneously, we have signed the company's largest contract ever, namely the new water treatment facility for the Oslo municipality," says Enwa’s CEO, Flemming G. Wessman.