Significant investments and a desire for more apprentices

To meet the demands of a growing market, ELIQUO PMI made substantial investments in 2023. "We have constructed a new production hall, established a new warehouse, and expanded the site. Additionally, we have invested in new production equipment, including a new laser cutter, resulting in a potential increase in production volume by approximately 30-40%," says Kjell Håkon Vallumrød, Department Manager at ELIQUO PMI.

"The only thing I could wish for now is more industrial pipefitters and welders to fill the new hall. At ELIQUO PMI, we take great pride in the work we do by welcoming apprentices and training them into skilled professionals. Despite being among the largest apprentice employers for the industrial pipefitting trade in Vestfold and Telemark, I would love to see more young individuals choosing vocational education as a career path."