ELIQUO PMI is Eco-lighthouse certified

ELIQUO PMI works continuously to improve its deliveries in order to reduce both our own and our customers' impact on climate and the environment. We are Eco-lighthouse certified, which means that we have documented that we work systematically and purposefully to reduce our environmental impact. Our business works with, among other things, wastewater treatment, and we have developed a process technology which will make a strong contribution in the future to solving environmental problems, e.g. in the ocean.

ELIQUO PMI is an Eco-lighthouse certified company.

In paper production, foil production and printing, we meet strict requirements and have a strong focus on safeguarding the environment. We also have strict requirements against our wholesalers and source the majority of our raw materials from certified wholesalers. You can read this year's environmental report here:

About Eco-lighthouse

Eco-lighthouse is Norway's most widely used environmental management system. The Eco-lighthouse certification is a recognised national environmental certification scheme on a par with e.g. the international ISO 14001. The EU has approved the "miljøfyrtårn" as an environmental certificate for use by Norwegian companies throughout the EU.

Do you have suggestions on how we can improve our environmental work?

We take the environment seriously and work continuously to improve. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our environmental work, please send us an email.