Industrial projects

Strong as steel. ELIQUO PMI’s expertise in welding and pipefitting is the foundation in the various industrial projects.

We are a major contributor when it comes to building industrial plants for district heating, chemical industry, aviation fuel plants and much more all over Norway.

Our speciality is prefabrication and installation of steel pipes in larger dimensions. We have experienced project managers and very skilled professionals who ensure that the projects are delivered with good quality and within the agreed time. We handle all types of projects from small service assignments a to larger pipe contracts.


Modern Workshop

  • Certified welders NS-EN ISO 9606-1
  • Skilled pipefitters
  • Calibrated welding machines
  • SPC 1200 CNC Cutting machine
  • Capasity of 50 skilled workers

Project Execution

  • Pre-fabrication
  • Installation
  • Transport and Crane facilities
  • Documentation
  • Project management


  • District heating plants
  • Aviation fuel facilities
  • Chemical industry
  • Water and wastewater plants
  • Pulp and paper industry


Plants for District Heating



With more than 40 years of experience ELIQUO PMI holds a leading position in building plants for district heating. By constructing plants with heat sources such as waste heat from industry, large scale heat pumps and burning household waste, ELIQUO PMI keeps a lot of Norwegian homes warm during the cold wintertime.

Aviaton Fuel Distribution



ELIQUO PMI engineers and builds plants for aviation fuel distribution. To prevent contamination of jet-fuel, we have very high standards and routines to avoid particles, water and residues of other chemical substances.

This is an always ongoing process that pushes boundaries and the focus of quality.

Industrial Plants and Factories



On an industrial plant the importance and knowledge of sveisestandard, materials and quality is crucial. ELIQUO PMI executes various tasks on facilities containing chemicals for industrial production. Working on pipelines 15 meters above ground gives no room for errors in EHS, equipment and quality.




The releasing of carbon from fossil fuel needs to decrease. Biofuel is a way to reach that goal. ELIQUO PMI has built Silva Green Fuel’s demo plant to test new technology for the production of second-generation biofuels from residual material from forestry operations. The goal is to produce biofuels primarily for heavy transport.